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I never said I was Deep

Since i was born I started to decay

1 August 1977
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Britpopart is pretty raw,intensely full of imagination,a self proclaimed "woman-child",avid reader and full of love and realism with a bit O' surrealism in there as well... im perfectly flawed.. poet/band member/music journalist and Do vocals with the band Kim Acrylic and the Northern Drones CD "Fanfare Meltdown" is on iTunes and cdbaby.com now!
Strengths: being a intense,raw and deep mad woman awhile also being child-like and a goof. honesty,openness,realism,excepting and dedicated
Weaknesses: lead singers,intoxication,and caffeine,live gigs and britpop
Special Skills: professional poet/vocalist
Weapons: words that kill!
Motto: "Sometimes I swallow myself"

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im just a silly girl. ~existing by writing poetry and doing music projects. ~I'm a loner who is yet a social butterfly. ~I am an oxymoron and a contrast to my very self. ~I am a sullen genius of sorts;) ~I am only interested in... ~people who will not judge or participate in human cruelty. ~people who are not aware of their mad artistic genius

I'm a Poet,Music Journalist and Vocalist. Ive written for E-mags such as Punk Globe , the Reviewer magazine and Glam Trash magazine and soon to be MFmagazine doing reviews and many interviews. I Have published a poetry book called "Coffee Pot Poetry" and Do vocals with the band Kim Acrylic and the Northern Drones
I love the oddities and life
and I'm one of them

I'm really good at:
Writing,asking questions and laughing loudly.
Also I kick ass at conversations and knowing a bad person from a good one.

My favorite books, movies, music, and food
pulp♥relaxed muscle♥jarvis cocker♥manic street preachers♥london suede♥blur♥the charlatans U.K♥JJ72♥libertines♥babyshambles♥iggy pop♥ramones♥sex pistols♥NY dolls♥t-rex♥david bowie♥placebo♥hole♥the doors♥the tea party♥muse♥ours♥prick♥NIN♥ladytron♥bis♥arctic monkeys♥alice in chains♥mother love bone♥soundgarden♥nirvana♥H.I.M♥radiohead♥the dandy warhols♥mono in vcf♥manray♥running with scissors♥green apple quickstep♥sweetwater♥7 year bitch♥sky cries mary♥mudhoney♥catatonia♥UKsubs♥blonde redhead♥brian jonestown massacre♥ash♥divine comedy♥dirty pretty things♥the gossip♥graham coxon♥jesus and mary chain♥the killers♥kings of leon♥art brut♥british sea power♥menswe@r♥oasis♥ocean colour scene♥patrick wolf♥jim carroll band♥patti smith♥rolling stones♥screaming trees♥elbow♥adorable♥my bloody valentine♥spiritualized♥mellow♥super furry animals♥syd barrett♥the verve♥the velvet underground♥lou reed♥bob dylan♥elliot smith♥the pixies♥garbage♥babes in toyland♥lush♥luna♥galaxie 500♥sigur ros♥MGMT♥

Movies:Velvet Goldmine
Requiem for a dream
Heavenly creatures
Dancer in the dark
Sid and Nancy
Basketball diaries
the Doors

Books: Memoirs and Poetry
Heroes: Jarvis Cocker
Beth Ditto
Jim Carroll
Chloe Sevigny

I spend a lot of time thinking about
weird stuff.

On a typical Friday night I am
Drunk singing loudly to good glam/britpop

The first thing(s) people usually notice about me
My hair/wigs/eyes.

my sense of humor and taste in music and sadly my weight.
Sophie Dahl


abandonment, acceptance, acting, addictions, agoraphobia, alice in chains, alone, alternative lifestyles, androgyny, andy warhol, anti-religion, anti-society, anxiety, appearance, art, artist, avoiding sunlight, b-movies, babyshambles, beauty, beer, being alone, benzodiazepines, blur, body issues, bootlegs, borderline personality disorder, brett anderson, brian molko, bright red lipstick, british accents, british boys, britpop, buddhism, caffeine, catatonia, cheap beer, cheese, circus freaks, coffee, comedy, creativity, cult movies, daydreaming, depression, dreampop, dreams, drug culture, dumpster diving, emetophobia, energy drinks, fag hags, fashion, feather boas, film, fiona apple, flaws, freaks, gay robot, girlish boys, glam, going to gigs, grunge, halloween, heartbreak, highly sensitive person, horror, horror movies, independence, independent labels, indie, indie movies, indie pop, indie rock and roll, insomniacs, inspiration, jack fairy, jarvis cocker, jj72, junkies, kissing, kurt cobain, layne staley, lead singers, legends, live gigs, loss, lou reed, lyrics, magazines, make-up, manic street preachers, masks, mental health, mental illness, mix tapes, mod, morbid humor, movies, music, nighttime, obsession, opiates, pale skin, panic attacks, patrick wolf, pete doherty, phobia, photography, pills, placebo, poetry, pro-choice, pulp, reading, record stores, requiem for a dream, richey edwards, rocky horror picture show, self harm, sensitivity, serial killers, sex, sex pistols, shoegaze, sid and nancy, singing, staying up all night, steve mackey, suicide survivors, sunglasses, sylvia plath, synthesizers, the dandy warhols, the doors, the libertines, the london suede, thrift stores, trainspotting, urban legends, vampires, velvet goldmine, velvet underground, vinyl records, weight issues, weirdness, words, writing, ziggy stardust